Stalham Adjustable Adult Bath


Stalham height adjustable adults’s bath tub. Maximise comfort and personal hygiene for adult users.

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The tub, side covers and maintenance hatch are made of fibreglass reinforced polyester covering the supporting frame, actuators, control unit and all internal sanitary installations.
The half inch cold and hot water inlet hoses are located in the back.
Two legs including adjustable feet to level the bath, should floor be uneven.
Attractive design available in a range of colours
Lift system supports weights of up to 150 kg.

The three-step adjustable foot support is pushed into the slots to accommodate the different lengths of patients and to avoid them from sliding and providing secure support for their feet.
The thermostat mixer is designed to regulate the water temperature to the bathtub filling spout and to the hand-held shower.
Electric height adjustment between 65–100cm.

Ease Of Handling
Two built-in handles offer additional support when getting in and out of the tub.
Two synchronised actuators with double controls for height adjustment to infinite positions.
Maintenance hatch located at the rear can be removed for repair and maintenance work.
The shower handle with shower hose is to be used to shower the patient and to rinse equipment after cleaning.
The hand control is attached via spiral cord on the hatch bracket and is easy to use.

Overflow protection and pop-up drain which opens and closes the drainage system by rotating the overflow valve.
Auto-fill function available as optional accessory.


External length 208 cm
External width 78 cm
Height 65-100 cm
Internal length 89 cm
Internal width 44 – 66 cm (contoured)
Access height 65 cm
Clearance to floor 15 cm
Water volume 180 litre (unoccupied)
Safe working load 150 kg


Stalham Bathe CL Adjustable Bath:

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