Stalham 150 Sit-to-Stand Hoist


Sit-stand lifting aid
Versatile, sit to stand hoist for assisting patients to stand from seated position.

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Epoxy coated steel frame.
Complete lifting hoist can be assembled in just a few minutes.
Utilises electric lifting arm.

Leg straps ensure comfort and stability for patient when lifting.
180° grab handles support patient.
Angled foot rests secure feet in place when in use.

Ease Of Handling
Wired remote control for user controls in any position around the lift.
The base frame has a very low construction to allow for very good under-ride possibilities.
Undercarriage is expandable as needed by means of foot pedal.
Mounted on four swivelling castors for portability.
Each rear castor is braked.

Features easy to access emergency stop button.
Lift can allow for emergency mechanical lowering if required.
Additional battery backup.
Medical grade electric lifting arm.


Lift height (minimum) 84 cm
Lift height (maximum) 150 cm
Underpin height 14 cm
Device weight 53 kg
Maximum user weight 150 kg


Lifting hoist:

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