Birth Sure Delivery Bed

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Gynaecology & maternity birthing bed
Maximise comfort and personalise patient care

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Epoxy-coated steel tube frame.
Headboard and footboard easy to assemble without tools.
Retractable floor support.
Scissor-lift system provides optimum stability and supports weights of up to 230 kg.

Independent and removable ABS sections.
Bed fully adjustable with medical grade electric motors compliant with EN 60601-1.
Ergonomic foot section extends bed by up to 20cm and slides under the bed when not in use.
Electric height adjustment, 64–100cm.

Ease Of Handling
Handset designed to allow easy and quick positioning of the bed sections.
Electric Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg position to (16º / 5º).
Electric seat section tilts pelvis up to 30°.
Optional integrated controls in side rail.

Nurses Control Panel
A panel that is for the sole use of medical personnel that allows the different functions of the bed to be activated or overridden. In addition, certain functions are pre-programmed (Trendelenburg, CPR, cardiac chair and Fowler positions) and can be activated by simply pressing a button.
Control panel
The command includes two functions, one to adopt the cardiac chair position and another to reset the bed.

The cardiac chair position is critical for patients with heart and breathing problems, helping to enhance their recovery. This feature is activated simply by pressing a lever.
Using this bed it is no longer necessary to move the patient in labour to another bed at any time, as the bed is suitable for gynaecological and maternity patients at any stage of pregnancy or childbirth, as well as post-partum.

Easy Cleaning
Manufactured from high quality materials, guaranteeing their long life and durability.
Smooth surfaces and removable panels allow easy, fast cleaning and disinfection. Designed to improve cleaning time by up to 30%, allowing staff more time with the patient as opposed to cleaning the product.

Ø 150mm diameter castors with central braking and steering facility operated from head-end for ease of use when portering.
Thermoplastic main frame protects the bed mechanism and facilitates easy cleaning.
Height adjustment system that prevents collapse in case of failure.
Anti-trapping system that automatically stops the motor on detection of an obstacle.
Emergency release of backrest for quick lowering of the section in the event of an emergency, battery or power failure.
Conforms to Regulation (EU) 2017/745.


Total Length 212 cm
Length (Chair position) 164.5 cm
Width (with rails) 103 cm
Patient surface width 89 cm
Height (floor to frame) 64–100 cm
Backrest tilting 70°
Seat section tilting 17°
Trendelenburg / Reverse 16° / 5°
Safe working load 230kg


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