Two Section Reupholstery

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    Couch Colour * To avoid colour match issues we offer a discount to re-upholster the whole couch

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    B (cm) * Width of the head section.

    C (cm) * Width of the middle section.

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    J (cm) * The thickness of the Upholstery.

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    Please include as much information as possible to ensure our quote in accurate and that we provide the correct service for your needs.

    • Advise if you require a face hole in the section you are ordering.
    • Advise the length, width and total thickness of the section.
    • Choose the colour you require from our standard colour selection. If you require a different colour we may be able to source the vinyl for orders of 10 sections or more.
    • If the section you require is a single leg section advise H, E and F dimensions that are shown on the split leg diagram.
    • To avoid colour match problems we offer a special discount if the whole couch is being re-upholstered.
    • If you wish for our engineer to visit to install the section(s) please tick the box.
    Dimension Key:
    2 section couch reupholstery
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